Frequently Asked Questions

Cabins & Pool

What do I need to bring?

Sleeping bag/bedding, lantern/flashlight/headlamp, swimsuit (s), towel(s), water container, food, cook stove, cooking supplies, utensils, plates. 

I will only be in town for one day, can I rent a cabin for one night instead of two?

We are only renting cabins for a minimum of two nights as part of our efforts to keep guests and staff as Covid safe as possible by limiting exposure.

Can I drop in for a day swim?

In order to limit Covid exposure for guests and staff, we are not offering day use/drop-in swims during the winter season, if or when we incorporate day use it will be on a limited reservation basis. Please check back in the spring/summer for changes or implementation of day use. There is no public access. Please do not stop by to “Look” or ask questions as this puts our staff and guests at risk of exposure to Covid19.

Can you notify me when you reopen day swims?

Yes, we are sending out updates via our mailing list here. We anticipate possibly opening to outside pool access on a limited reservation basis when it is safe to do so.

If I rent a cabin for two nights, will I have 24 hour access to the pool?

Pool hours are from 8 am until 10 pm.  We now schedule swim slots once guests arrive. We have two hour blocks available with a maximum of 10 guests in the pool at a given time. So, the opportunity for several of these blocks during your stay is plentiful.

Why aren’t all your cabins available to rent?

As part of our commitment to be as safe as possible in this Covid environment, and limit the possibility of exposure, we have opened up cabin rental on a limited basis. There will be limited cabin rentals (5-6 cabins per day or up to the amount of 20 guests total at the resort) to allow for cleaning properly between each guest stay. 

What is provided in my stay?

A clean sheet will be provided on each one of our new mattresses as well as ambient lighting in cabins (you will still want to bring a headlamp or lantern for walking outside at night).

Can I rent a swimsuit or towel?

We are no longer renting out swimsuits or towels, so guests will need to bring their own.

Where are the outhouses located?

Outhouse facilities are near the store, behind the dressing rooms and within walking distance from each cabin. Several cabins have outhouses directly associated, while others may share.

How far are the hot springs from the cabins?

All cabins are within walking distance from the hot springs. Please consider the season and dress appropriately, staying on snowmobile paths (winter) or road (spring/summer) or foot paths that are visible, headlamps or flashlights will be required during the evenings to navigate to and from your cabin. 

Is alcohol allowed in or around the hot springs?

Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed while in hot springs or surrounding areas. Please refrain from alcoholic beverages due to safety concerns.

Are the dressing rooms heated?

The dressing rooms have coils in the floor from the hot pools that provide radiant heat, this typically means the dressing rooms are 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperatures. Staff may be available to start a fire in the dressing room on very cold days, however, the woodstove in this facility is not efficient and has fire hazards, please be respectful of the signs that state for staff use only.

Are there other activities or suggestions during our stay?

During the winter season you may consider snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or other winter activities on and off Burgdorf property. During the spring/summer/fall season you may consider hiking, biking, or wildlife viewing. Check-in with staff upon your arrival, our managers Jordan and Emily would be happy to assist with other possible activities.

Do I need to bring my own firewood?

Cabins are equipped with firewood to keep warm during your stay. Please read the instructions or ask questions during check-in in regards to conservation of wood and operation of wood stoves. Staff are more than happy to assist.

Are you still hosting weddings and/or events at Burgdorf?

We are currently developing a plan and or/contract to be able to host events at Burgdorf Hot Springs, with hopes to be able to do so by this Summer or Fall. We do not have further details to provide at this time (ex: dates available, booking fees, maximum capacity), however, we have started a spreadsheet to include your details. Please email us at and provide the following information to be added to this spreadsheet so that we can notify of our event capabilities as the details are in a written contract:

Phone Number:
Date of Reservation or Dates to be considered:
Type of Event:
Number of Guests to be attending:
Any special Requests: 

Why can’t I book a reservation for next year?

We are only accepting reservations for up to 90 days in advance. So, you can make your reservation once it is 90 days to that date. We would be happy to send you a reminder, if you give us your ideal dates.

How come I can’t book a stay in The Castle or Hornet’s Nest on your website?

We are manually processing larger group reservations in order to ensure we do not exceed the 6 person maximum in our larger cabins with a preference for singe household families. In order to ensure guests can adhere to our COVID policies, we would like a verbal affirmation that they are a small social group that have been and will practice masking and safe social distancing measures. We also ask that all prospective guests have read all our updated policies and Covid19 waiver to include no group congregating between cabins. 

Getting Here

Where can I rent a snowmobile?

You can rent a snowmobile from Cheap Thrills, CM Backcountry, Mountain Meadows or through Brundage Mountain.  

Where is the best place to park to snowmobile to Burgdorf?

Parking is at two lots at the trailhead on Warren Wagon Road. The first is the Brush Creek Lot, which is open for parking without restriction, the second is the Francis Wallace Parking Lot. The plowed road ends at this parking lot. There are two rows designated for overnight stays and they are clearly marked on a map driving into the parking lot.

Are the trails packed or groomed?

The trails to Burgdorf are groomed, although the last 2 miles from Burgdorf Junction into Burgdorf can be quite rough at times.

How often are the trails groomed?

It’s groomed about twice a week and conditions are mostly good but can vary due to weather conditions. 

Should I bring my own gas?

Yes, we only keep a limited supply of gasoline for our own purposes and for emergencies. 

Where is the closest fuel?

The Stage Stage Stop in Secesh (which is approximately 7 miles by snowmobile and has limited hours) or in Warren (20 miles).

Food & Water

What kind of food should I bring?

Food that is easy to prepare by personal cookstove and/or camping food (bread, peanut butter, jelly, dried meats, tuna, crackers, pull lid soups, freeze dried foods, premade burritos).

What kind of food do you sell on site?

We have a limited supply of food, including local Hometown large size pizzas, soda, water, candy, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and local Stacey Cakes baked goods.

Where can I get food offsite?

There are two local taverns you can drive (June-October) or snowmobile (November-April) to. Secesh Stage Stop is 7 miles away, and the Baum Shelter is 20 miles away. 

How do I wash my dishes?

We have a cold spring located outside of our store, which you are welcome to use if you require water to bring back to your cabin to rinse dishes, you will have to provide your own basin/jug.

Should I bring my own water jug?

Yes, we recommend your own water jug, so you can keep water near your cabin.

Can you drink the water?

Yes, you can drink the water from our cold spring. It is safe for drinking and tested regularly.

We can't wait for you to experience all that Burgdorf Hot Springs has to offer!