What To Bring When Staying In Our Cabins

Our cabins at Burgdorf are simple and rustic. Remember they are sparsely furnished log cabins, so you need to come prepared. In each cabin you can expect a wood burning stove for heat and bed with a recently purchased mattress and mattress cover, a clean sheet upon which to place your desired bedding or sleeping bag, as well as a table and chairs. Most cabins have a side shelf where you can prepare your meals, some have covered porches. The cabins do not have electricity or water. Some limited LED lighting has recently been purchased and provides limited ambient lighting. Outhouses are close by and firewood is on the porch. All cabins are within walking distance to the office and pool area. The surrounding area is scenic and natural.

Think camping with a cozy fire, in a clean cabin, with a bed…

COVID Policy

Identification of Covid risk factors are evolving, and we feel the best approach for now, in order to provide the greatest possible safety to guests and staff, even with vaccination, is to continue with those practices which have been scientifically proven to reduce risk. We are opening to guests who embrace all possible Covid precautions, including vaccination, masking, hand washing and distancing and have not been ill or exposed in the prior two week. We ask everyone, including folks who are vaccinated, to wear masks anytime while outside their cabins when an outside distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained, and when inside the store and other common buildings. For now, we are limiting group bookings to no more than 10 persons, and we ask for avoidance of group congregations of more than 10 persons.


Cabins are clean, rustic, constructed of logs with wood floors, with wood stoves, no plumbing. Each has an outhouse and toilet paper, but always a good idea to bring additional toilet paper for your days out adventuring. Some rechargeable battery lighting will be fitted and to remain inside your cabin, but please bring your own lamps as well to safely move about the property (to the pool, your outhouse, etc).


We have just purchased new mattresses, and mattress covers, including queen, full and twin sizes. The bed is equipped with a clean sheet on which to place your own sleeping bag, pillow, or desired bedding.

Utensils & Supplies

Please bring your own cooking utensils, supplies and camp stoves if desired. It is possible to carefully use pans on the wood heat stoves, but please be mindful of fire danger. Please keep in mind the surroundings of nature and wildlife, it is important to bring a closed container if storing food outside of your cabin. Pro-Tip: Pre-wrapped breakfast burritos in tin foil that can be easily heated on the stove make for an easy and delicious meal.

Food Available On-Site

We have a limited menu available to be prepared and taken back to your cabin, including locally pre-made pizza from Hometown Pizza, that we bake onsite, along with assorted snacks, coffee, tea and baked treats from Stacey Cakes in McCall.


Refreshing drinking water is available from our spring via a central spigot near the store, but must be carried to your cabins, so please bring a container.


We have a very limited supply of fuel this season, please plan on bringing your own fuel. Fuel can also be purchased at the Secesh Stage Stop or at the Baum Shelter in Warren.


Please bring a swimsuit and towel, in addition to clothing appropriate to the season and mountainous setting.

Cabin Policies

Please review our Cabin Policies page to be as prepared as possible for your stay.

Useful Local Resources

For a full list of local businesses, please visit the McCall Chamber of Commerce website HERE.

Snowmobile Rentals in McCall

*Check with individual businesses on overnight rentals and seasonal availability.

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